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Macron products are made to meet the highest standards and are subject to strict quality control procedures. The personalisation materials that we use on our garments are also only the very best vinyls and badges on the market, all vinyls used are picked specifically for the garment they are being applied on. 

Feel free to give us a call on 01603 714600 where we can discuss and advise what the best way to print/personalise a specific garment is. 

Although all of the best care and attention is taken when selecting and printing garments it can all be undone by being treated incorrectly after purchase. 

To maintain the perfect finish on your garments we recommend the following steps: 

WASH AT 30: Keep it cool, wash at 40c MAX to keep all of your print intact! 

NO TUMBLING: Do NOT tumble dry under any circumstances - overheating will melt your print! 

NO IRONING: Ironing will remove your fresh print not just the creases - always air dry! 


If you do have any issues with print please get in touch with us right away so we can advise on getting your garments as good as new!  

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